In this article, we talk about playgrounds’ benefits in your community because they offer children the opportunity to practice and perfect skills to help their development, be it: motor, social, emotional, cognitive, and sensory skills, constantly learning through play. Below, we will talk about the five benefits of having a playground in your community.

Promotes physical activity

Playgrounds encourage spaces for children to play and allow them to create adventures, whether it be running from aliens or pretending to be zoo animals but also help them develop strength and endurance. However, it is important to note that they also create spaces for adults, involving other community members, exercising, and encouraging interaction with other community members.

Create meeting spaces

As mentioned above, playgrounds encourage interaction with other community members, helping children build social skills that will assist in their ability to develop socially, as well as problem-solving skills and increased self-esteem. It also has an impact on the economy because having so many members of the community results in greater advertising and employment opportunities and increases property values.

Skills development

It is essential to note that playgrounds also develop cognitive, physical, social, and sensory skills.

  • Cognitive skills: When children interact, they have the opportunity to solve problems, think critically and analytically, as well as plan and strategize.
  • Physical skills: Climbing, jumping, and running lead to increased upper and lower body strength. They also help improve balance, agility, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Social skills: Provide opportunities for children to collaborate and interact with each other to overcome challenges
  • Sensory skills: The use of more than one sense (sight, hearing, touch) helps a child’s brain develop more quickly.

Develops your creativity

Being in a constant relationship with their environment allows them to express themselves more easily and thus explore their most creative side, so that game time is more entertaining, as we mentioned, from creating magical worlds of princes and dragons to creating adventures that will allow them to explore.

Improves your communication and verbal skills

Being able to communicate correctly and effectively is fundamental to expressing your needs and being able to communicate with other children and adults in your same environment who will also be useful to you not only when playing but also when going to school. Children learn to behave, to mature, to wait, to understand their feelings and frustrations, but best of all, it fosters bonds of friendship with other children by coinciding with them in their development.

What do you think about these five advantages of having a playground in your community? What other benefit does having a playground give to the community?

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