In these times, outdoor gyms play a crucial role in a community, allowing for increased physical activity and the fight against sedentary lifestyles by providing fun ways to exercise and keeping the community active. In this article, we will share some benefits for our bodies that outdoor fitness equipment offers.

Allows you to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise

The concepts aerobic and anaerobic refer to how the body obtains energy: with a need for oxygen (aerobic), they are medium or low-intensity exercises and long duration. The other type of exercise is the one that is performed without the need for oxygen (anaerobic) because the energy comes from primary sources that do not need to be oxidized by oxygen, such as muscle ATP, PC, or phosphocreatine and glucose. Exercising on outdoor fitness equipment allows you to easily combine both types of exercises, which allows the exercise to be complete and healthier.

Strengthens the heart and oxygenation

After exercising outdoors, blood pressure returns to baseline values ​​faster than indoors or indoors, as the degree of CO2 saturation is much lower. Likewise, when a person exercises regularly and has good cardiovascular endurance, they will be prepared for greater future demands.

Connection with nature

Exercising in an open space and observing nature serves as a distraction from the daily routine, reduces feelings of fatigue, stress levels, and the risk of mental illness. Another positive effect is that it increases our degree of connection with nature, allowing us to be part of it and strengthening our sense of belonging.

Improved mood and self-esteem

Exercising on outdoor fitness equipment has a stimulating effect that helps people improve their mood and self-esteem. When exercising, the body generates dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins (the “happiness hormone”) thanks to the combined action of exercise and sun exposure.

Change of environment

Training on outdoor fitness equipment allows people to easily change environments, contemplate nature, and interact with other people in their community. Although some people may prefer to go to a gym or exercise in their own home, it is recommended that you break this routine from time to time to stimulate yourself and stay motivated, and exercising outdoors provides different options of activities.

Vitamin D

Exercising on a sunny day allows the creation of vitamin D, which strengthens the bones, prevents musculoskeletal diseases, strengthens the immune system, maintains neuronal development, and helps cognitive function.

What do you think about this topic? What other benefits can you get from exercising outside?

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