When we talk about sustainable playgrounds, we refer to places where children can distract themselves and socialize with other children while caring for the environment. In this opportunity, we will talk about the characteristics of this type of place, and thus we will be able to understand the importance of creating sites of this type. We will explain five essential elements of sustainable playgrounds:

Manufacturing processes and environment

It is vital to highlight sustainable playgrounds’ manufacturing processes since the main objective is to create a minimum of waste from their manufacturing process. Simultaneously, some playgrounds have high-efficiency light bulbs, so there will be energy savings in those places with less traffic. These processes are friendly to the environment and allow our children to play out while being connected to the ground.


Using vegetation in these spaces is positive due to the feeling of naturalness that it gives to those who use the playground. Replacing the fences with bushes will also allow us to section the areas without losing the essence of free space. Also, foliage in sustainable playgrounds allows children to obtain the warmth that nature provides; they will have places where they can hide, explore sensory experiences, and develop in areas where they can create adventures together with other children. The variety of foliage used will create various areas in the sustainable playground, so children will have more places to explore.

Wooden elements

An element that is always present in sustainable playgrounds is wood products. It is a versatile material that allows us to create various factors to give more diversity to our gardens. These products give the environment a natural and rural aspect that allows children to develop in fun places related to nature.

Stone elements

Some sustainable playgrounds have decorative stones or products made of stone since they provide a significant impact at the level of design and performance, in addition to being in line with the environment and having a long duration; however, it is essential that a product of this type must comply with certain safety standards so that there can be a balance between sustainability and safety for the users of the playground.

Dedicated line of recycled playground equipment

Some playgrounds have recycled materials; for example, some equipment gates, poles, barriers, or structures are made of quality recycled material. An important point about these recycled playgrounds is that the way they are built prevents deterioration from the sun and splinters that could arise with use as they are designed to be used by children of different ages.

In this way, we have seen some aspects of playgrounds; it is important to note that by using sustainable playgrounds, we take care of the planet and provide the children of the community space where they can recreate but respect the environment.

What do you think about this topic? What other characteristics exist to have a sustainable playground?

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