It is clear the importance of sustainable playgrounds and sensory games in our children’s life and growth, but you must also know how to choose the company with which we will give creation to these places. When choosing the team that will be our right hand in constructing these projects, we should assess aspects such as the material they use, budget, and their designs. Today, we will talk about seven reasons why Westplay will be our best option.

The team is made up of professionals

At Westplay, we have qualified personnel. Our people have the necessary knowledge to make your sustainable playground the ideal place for your children to understand the vital role nature has in their lives.

State of the art design and technology

West plays the main objective is to create sustainable playgrounds with state-of-the-art design and technology. Provides real and innovative solutions for those places that we want to offer our children.

Associated with the best in the market

In Westplay, we work hand in hand with Jambette, who is dedicated to manufacturing playgrounds. They are characterized by creating creative and dynamic places. They are in the market since 1983 and have created sustainable playgrounds in Quebec, Levis, among others.

Committed to quality service

The Westplay team works under the mission of offering its clients quality service. They work towards exceeding client expectations and providing support throughout, creating sustainable space for our children.

Certified by “International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association”

The sustainable playgrounds offered by West play are certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), which is a non-profit association that promotes environments where game and safety for our children is a priority.

Pre-designed and customized playgrounds

Westplay offers you pre-designed sustainable playgrounds, but you can also customize them according to your requirements. The pre-designed playgrounds are an excellent option because the professionals who are part of West playwork think in their clients’ tranquility. Now, as far as the personalized playgrounds are concerned, we can affirm that the requests will be attended to the letter, and in the end, you will have a space for your children to adapt to your needs.

Thematic sustainable playgrounds

Westplay, by the hand of Jambette, builds playgrounds with a variety of themes so that our children have places where they can develop their creativity. Among the pieces that we can obtain with Westplay, we have parks set in nature, farms, strange worlds, and the marine world. These are just 7 of the many reasons why Westplay is an incredible option for building a sustainable space for our children.

What do you think about this topic? What project do you have in mind that we can help you with?

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Imagen by Westplay.

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