Playing and having fun is always the main objective of children when there is a playground. More so, if they can play with their older siblings and share moments. It is not easy to find playful activities that all children can participate in during their early years. However, there are options for children’s games that include these features so that everyone can enjoy good times with the family.

Play area according to age

Children grow and develop new skills with play, leading them to interact with their friends in different playgrounds. Traditionally, playgrounds are built for specific ages to attract their attention and benefit children, maximizing safety. In the area of ​​a playground intended for children under five years of age, we observe that it has platforms and lower decks, slides that are lower in height to avoid accidents. The smallest steps in the game incorporate some sand areas, and certain elements reduce the dangers for young children.

On the other hand, in the area of ​​a playground intended for children aged five and up, we see more complex characteristics such as the highest decks, platforms, and slides. Some of these areas have ropes and elements that allow climbing. Sports equipment such as basketball hoops and courts for team sports are also added, and the game windows and features assist them in their creation and story development moments.

Playgrounds that take into account all children have the above characteristics in one place. They can be in two fenced but different sections; they can also be a single structure that includes all the skills children of different ages will need to use.

Advantages of playgrounds for all ages

One of the advantages of these playgrounds is that more families can use them and have a longer life span since they are on the entire path of children’s growth, which allows them to be used as the child get older.
Families can make everyone happy in the context of old age. When there are siblings in a family who have a significant age difference, inclusive playgrounds make everyone have fun because they don’t leave anyone out of the fun. Another important aspect for parents is to have children in the same supervised space, which is more relaxing.

Time efficiency is another factor; Having a playground that caters to children of all ages makes them more enjoyable and prevents parents from having to transport from one place to another to satisfy all children.
The bond between siblings is promoted. In an all-ages playground, siblings with age gaps are more likely to be involved more efficiently if everyone has activities to develop and engage other siblings. Besides being fun, it is a great way to create healthy relationships between siblings of different ages.
Something fundamental in any community is the construction of belonging to it. Parks that span the entire age range create a powerful attraction for the district by having the playground as a meeting point and developing relationships between families and children, a challenge in other areas.

Expand or improve a playground

No matter that a playground has already been built, you can always improve and add new sections to create the best playground for different ages. The most common action is the creation of slightly separated play structures. In this way, safety and fair games are prioritized for each group of children in an almost unique space. At the same time, the parents are in the same area taking care of the children.

As we have mentioned, the combined structures are a fun space for all children, who can share with their older siblings by being part of the activities and generating new emotional bonds between siblings. They are more extensive playgrounds because they have a more varied range of games, including slides and basketball courts.

What do you think about this topic? Have you had any experience in a playground for all ages?

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