Playgrounds are an excellent opportunity for schools and communities to have a space for fun and togetherness for the whole family. It is also a perfect place where children can develop their skills with play, providing a hefty dose of cognitive development, which then translates into healthy and healthy adults.

The importance of preserving customs, culture, and knowledge can be practiced from all areas. From a playground, one child can have fun but can also provide an understanding of the history of the country.

First Nations of Canada

The First Nations are the indigenous nations in the territory that today is known as Canada. Those belonging to these groups are also known as Native Canadians. In 2006 there were approximately 75 First Nations communities. These groups bring a great diversity of knowledge for Canada; languages ​​and expressions are extensive. The first nations provide the opportunity to meet different lifestyles. Some groups like more to be present in the forests, others in the mountains, and some groups enjoy and develop their lives in the prairie.

First Nations present in the game

Preserving history is essential for proper cultural development; due to this, it is essential that children become familiar with it in a natural and intuitive way to achieve this objective, there is a playground where children can enjoy characteristic elements that are reminiscent of First Nations, which allow children to learn about history.

Connection with ancestors and social inclusion

Every society has a past and with it a culture to preserve. The possibility of knowing how they live, their traditions, what they do to adapt to this modern world provides children with the knowledge that cultivates them to be adults with a more inclusive vision in the future. Allowing more harmonious societies built from culture through a playground, waking up the interest in knowing more about their own country’s history by stimulating social inclusion.

Connection with nature

The difficult times we live in make us value the natural benefits it offers us. The games inspired by the First Nations bring young and old to enjoy contact with a playground set in nature. Where we also learn how we can take care of it and thus generate awareness for conservation.

First Nations-inspired playgrounds

First Nations-inspired playgrounds have the characteristics of being inclusive, safe for all ages, and adapted not to harm nature; it has games recreating how the first inhabitants lived, with animal shapes that are found in the forest or in the mountains, combined with nature and creating a harmonious space to enjoy with the family.

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