The shade that a playground may have is integral and beneficial for the development of the activity. However, it is almost always undervalued and is not added to the design of the playground. The best playgrounds in the world stand out because they offer several areas to play protected from the sun, and children can play and rest. It should also be said that today there are magnificent parks that offer many varieties of games. Still, it would be even better if they provided shade so that families can enjoy without the risks that being exposed to the sun attracts. Some of the benefits are:

Reduction of ultraviolet rays

Several studies document that exposure to ultraviolet rays radiated by the sun is a risk and danger factor for children and can affect their skin’s health. Besides wearing sunscreen and proper sun clothing, those risks need to be taken into account by playground designers, architects, landscapers, and school administrators to incorporate shaded areas into play areas.

Playground improvements

In addition to serving as a protective shield for children who play in it, the structure provides cool spaces that can be used for more extended periods without overheating the designs. Another advantage is the family’s quality time by having a tree or a shaded structure. They can have more comfortable picnics sheltered from the sun and the glare that is generated.

Another point in favor of having shades in the playgrounds is the design and visual interest that it adds to the structure. Through technique, it awakens a particular interest in the forms they can adopt and creates a very creative, playful space for children to participate and develop their stories in a safe environment.

Lower cost maintenance and repair

In addition to taking care of children and families’ health in general, the shades are a great benefit when it comes to keeping the playground healthy, reducing maintenance costs. The sun is very harmful to playgrounds, but we extend the useful life at a lower maintenance cost over time by having a shaded structure.

Elements that provide shade

Although there is no protocol when adding shadows in the designs, it is essential to respect the environment, the trees surrounding the area, the climate that prevails in the area, and the proximity to the buildings. They are fundamental aspects and consider all the options to provide the shade that will bring a touch of drama and excitement to a playground and offer longer life and health care for families.

Tell us what you think about adding a touch of design with fun shadows? Do you find something useful?

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