Five Tips for a PAC or School Board to Choose a Suitable Playground Provider in British Columbia

Outdoor play is known to be perfect for children’s development, both physically and mentally. The playground in a school must be attractive to invite children to play, as well as being accessible and inclusive; however, when a PAC or school board thinks about installing a playground in their school, several questions arise: which model of a playground to choose, how to select a suitable supplier, prices, warranty, etc. This post will share some tips for a PAC or school board to choose a suitable playground provider.

Security and warranty

When choosing a playground supplier, we must ensure that the supplier meets British Columbia’s safety and quality obligations, which will provide confidence in the installed equipment and durability that will provide it with longer service life. An example of safety and quality is that playgrounds should have a clear route so that children can move to school safely and quickly; another factor is to understand the distribution of equipment to avoid accidents, installation should be considered, floor covering and the quality of the materials that make up the equipment.

Playground environment and needs

It is essential to sit down and think about what the playground will need, such as the age of the children who will be using it, the number of people, the design or theme of the playground, the location, and exposure to the elements. Inclusive games are also a reality, so have a list of special needs that some children may have in order to integrate and enjoy the game; Playground suppliers are prepared to provide a list of suggestions that cover all the needs of the area and environment.

Status of existing equipment

In the case of having a playground, you can ask a supplier to carry out an inspection to determine if it is necessary to replace, expand or supplement it; the supplier can also inform us about the risks of the parts, parts, or sections that need to be replaced, change or renew. We must ensure that all equipment that is already installed meets minimum safety standards. It is also necessary to determine if the children still use such old equipment (or have lost their appeal); this last factor can be an excellent point to know whether to change (or not) the play area to add new options.


It is essential to seek positive references from experienced providers to have a clearer idea of ​​their quality of work, responsibility, experience, and level of service. It is important to note that if these references are in our area of ​​interest (for example, British Columbia), they will be more useful or of greater value. Furthermore, it is important to check these references to validate them.

Personalization and budget options

Some providers offer pre-designed playgrounds, which can be properly adjusted to a school’s needs, but there is also the possibility of customizing such playgrounds. When it comes to budgeting, the school board should consider the costs of playground preparation, installation, special and inclusive additional equipment, transportation, and other associated expenses.

What do you think about this topic? What other advice would you add for a PAC or school board to choose a suitable playground provider?

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