The playgrounds are places that remain in the memory of children. The time to play with parents or at school to go out to the playground and share with classmates are activities that benefit the physical, mental, cognitive, and social but create moments to remember how special when we are grown. Valuing how important that moment of fun and adventure was with colleagues and friends where many things are learned.

Today, the worrying thing is that in some places, the possibility of placing a playground where children can distract themselves and let off steam creating their worlds and adventures is being disregarded. Important moments where the family relaxes in the open air, out of the house. In this post, we will be mentioning the advantages of having a playground for children from 0 to 5 years old.

Not everything is the same as before

Some many opinions and facts are found when we talk about the playground; In an argument, there will be controversy, because there will be people who have good memories and people who have bad memories; It is a delicate subject because there may be parents who are sensitive due to their memories of feeling left out by their childhood peers on the playground, making them doubt the need for a playground.

The reality is that there is no doubt the need for children under five years old to have their time on a playground, playtime, and activities that are not structured are a vital part of children (this old) for their physical and cognitive. School boards and parents should note that these needs are marked in children from kindergarten. Children need play to develop normally.

Health benefits

Among the benefits that we find in exercise by children from 0 to 5 years old in a playground, we highlight the immune improvement due to sunlight exposure. With only half an hour of playing outdoors, it triggers the reaction in the body of the children. Swings improve all physical appearance, grip, balance, landing, jumping, pushing, rhythm, and muscle toning. Another healthy factor is the development of endurance and cardiovascular health. The playgrounds are privileged by their physical location and have that recreational space. Problem solving, imagination, and representation of situations make children improve their cognitive part.

Playground shows the value of the community

Social interaction benefits society as a whole because children of different ages and economic levels converge in the same space to socialize and play. This is very good because it can avoid parental attitudes to the detriment of children and their sense of self and their world. Some places have trained people to participate in the playground where there are children of different ethnicities, encouraging everyone to play together and make a united and unique community.

Playgrounds provide standards of behavior that may once have been the responsibility of an older sibling. Today the family can be different, and group play gives those tools that allow us to be in society. Another critical factor, the neighborhood concept, has been modified, and dangers are present in all places; in that sense, the playground has become the only safe place for children to run and play safely.

Give meaning to life through play

According to early childhood educators, children give meaning to life through play. Learning is not divided on the one hand and play on the other, but instead, they go hand in hand. The playground gives children the opportunity to be their referees. It also allows them to overcome the barriers of age, race, and gender.

Life skills learning

In a playground, experiences of change allow the child to learn about social development, exchange, and cooperation. It will enable you to master self-control when interacting with other children and handle success and failure, as usual, leaving an excellent lesson for the future. Children share, negotiate when participating in the activity in a playground, favoring the development of social skills that have been diminished by new technologies that have distanced people from participating in moments with their peers.

What did you think of this topic? Do you think a playground is necessary for your community or school to promote children’s growth from under five years old?

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