Playgrounds that have rope-based equipment offer flexible play systems geared toward active children. They are play equipment that promotes physical activity and challenges children uniquely and safely. Rope teams are perfect structures for large or closed areas that do not have much physical development space. These types of games allow us to practice psychomotor exercise and ingenuity.

Next, we share four characteristics of rope cable structures:

Easy to grip

Rope cable structures are designed so that children have the confidence and security to grip without problems and can play and develop their adventures without being afraid that something could go wrong. Many non-static games can be created, regardless of the type of structure chosen. You can see a steel brand, central mast, modular systems, or suspended networks. Rope cable games give the playground that differential in fun and options for children.

Safe to climb and customized

Playgrounds with rope structures are designed for children to develop coordination, balance, and strength by climbing and reaching places that seem impossible for the age of the children; besides, this type of structure is customized to adapt to a physical space configuration or budget, allowing this type of equipment in traditional playgrounds and giving it a touch of modernity. It also brings freshness and innovation because not all playgrounds have this type of structure.

Fun to use and different ages

The playgrounds have to invite playing and be fun with challenges suitable for children of different ages. If we attach a rope cable structure to that place that should be designed to be fun, it will become a place where children will no longer want to leave. They also practice exercise and develop balance, among other benefits that will make a happy child and a healthy child. It also provides unique sensations of freedom when interacting in the team, with continuous challenges offered from the playful perspective for different ages.

Psychomotor development

The play space generated in a rope cable structure helps children’s motor development control their own body, where they have rich experiences when climbing, grabbing, balancing, and standing between the ropes. Also, running between the ropes, doing gymnastic exercises, and experimenting with height gives them notions of their space how their body is transported within the structure and the displacement of space. It also allows social relationships and imaginative play to benefit from the group of children.

What do you think about these four characteristics of rope cable structures? Did you know the Rope Cable structures?

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