The best playgrounds stand out by offering several play areas protected from the sun, where the children can play and rest. In this article, we will share some advantages and tips to consider when using playground shades.

Children can spend more time on the playground

Heat and excessive light can be a burden after spending time in the sun. Playing in a playground, running, jumping from swings makes children rise in temperature and can get hot; if we add to that situation, exposure to the sun can affect health. A shade structure can keep playgrounds an average of 20 degrees lower than a structure with no protection. This also includes the ground and the areas where they move, places where they can run or fall.

Playground equipment and the sun

Playgrounds are severely damaged by the intense sun; it damages their structure and materials, causing accidents or injuries to children playing on them. Another aspect is that they can become hot and burn the skin of a child or an older person when they play or touch them with their hands. It is curious, but in winter, they can also affect health when they are handled. There are places where they are exposed to many hours of sun, or the intense cold together with frost can damage the touch.

Another critical factor in having a shade is to increase the lifespan of the playground structure. It is a factor that protects from discoloration and the exhaustion that is generated if it is not protected outdoors. Also, when the plastic overheats, it can suffer deformations and cracks (in the long run), affecting children’s health, causing an accident that may be preventable.

Ways to add shadow

A safe way to take care of people and equipment is to complete the coverage of the playground structure with a large shade that covers all the space that the equipment occupies; some colors and sizes offer an elegant appearance (If you did not consider putting a shadow thinking about the design and build, that problem does not exist). Another way is to place integrated shadows that protect the equipment; they are cheaper and can be set from the beginning and after the playground is installed.

Natural shade

Another way to generate shadows when designing the playground is to install it near a natural place with trees that allows natural shade somewhere and then complement it with shadows in the different spaces that the trees do not reach. The important thing is to raise awareness of the importance of shadows in playgrounds and their benefits for children, their prevention of injuries, and the valuable life extended to the equipment.

What did you think of the article? Have you enjoyed a playground that has shadows?

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