Kids’ imagination playing lets them experience wonderful adventures set in any kind of environment and storyline.  They can recreate scenes from a pirate movie using their beds as ships, a rolled magazine as a monocular, pillow covers as flags, and much more. Their imagination is unlimited and for their eyes, it seems real. This kind of play that

“…might look like simple fun is actually highly important work. When children use their imagination in play they are developing crucial psychological and emotional capacities that help them understand the world in which they live and their relation to it; they are learning to solve problems, create new possibilities, even change the world” (1).

Themed playgrounds encourage kids’ imagination and help them in their development.

Themed Playgrounds Encourage Kids Imagination

Westplay can help you in your themed playground project, where kids can enjoy an environment that encourages their imagination.  Choose one of our themes and we will help you build your dreamed playground: space, nature, aquanautical, public services, and personalized products. Every project is unique. Let us know your vision and needs, and we will help you reach your goal. 

(1) Wilde, Katherine.  Why imaginative play is important for a child’s development. The Telegraph (29 June 2018).  Telegraph Media Group Limited.  Web.  5 June 2021.

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