Backyard playsets are becoming every day popular for families, Playsets at home help parents to have more time for themselves while allowing children to develop physical, cognitive, and imagination skills in the comfort of their own home. We have discussed extensively in other blogs, so many benefits of our playsets and playgrounds for families; nonetheless, it is especially important to know five things before you decide to purchase one playset for your family.

  1. Area: Even though your new playset won’t be normed by any of the Canadian Standards for public playgrounds it is wise to know that you should have enough clearance around your new playset.
  2. Fall Height: It is important to understand how tall is going to be your playset, this will help you decide whether to use a special protective surfacing and make sure your children are old enough to try them.
  3. Features: There are so many different options for playsets, it is wise to think that you will need a playground with the capacity to exchange some of the accessories when the children are growing up so they do not get bothered or accustom to the same old. For instance Wesplay offers swing sets 3 in one. This is a set that comes assemble for small babies, but you can convert it in a toddler seat and also in a belt seat when children get older. If you want to know more about this product, please reach out to use to
  4. Warranty: If properly used, a playset can last 10 years. It is important to have local support from a reliable local company than can offer you maintenance once a year or get you new accessories compatible with your playset. There many foreign companies offering playsets that we won’t recommend, there is always better to use local support.
  5. Budget: An investment like a playset for a family it is always a big deal, the best memories of children stay at the playground age. We encourage you to have a reasonable budget for your kids’ dream, using local companies that can support you for years to come.
What Do I need to know before buying a playset for my backyard?

Westplay is offering now, playsets made with 100% British Columbia wood. We have more than 11 different models to pick from, give us the chance to make your backyard your own oasis of happiness don’t be fooled by foreign playsets, we got you covered.

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