Are you considering having playground equipment at your school in Canada? In this article, you will find 3 reasons why that’s a very smart move.

We expect that our children at school acquire the knowledge and skills they need for life, ideally inside of classrooms.

But have you considered that playgrounds are also an ideal learning space for children?

Playing in a safe environment like playgrounds is a fun way to develop learning abilities and it is a critical part of developing healthy students and adults. 

At home, children are typically overwhelmed with digital activities (video games, social media, and TV) and homework, which lead to reduced opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and have playtime. There was a reason to do recess at school!

kid playing at a school playground equipment in canada

So why should you install playground equipment at your school? Here are 3 reasons:

Improve the academic performance of children

Unlike what some adults may think, recess and playtime are not a waste of time. Having access to an outdoor playground has proven to improve children’s test scores and have better results at school.

To have a happy school experience, children must have time for sharing with others, stop thinking about being evaluated, and develop their motor skills.

Develop the social-emotional and physical skills of children

Playgrounds will develop skills like critical thinking, empathy, effective communication, and coordination!

They also encourage kids to be physically active with fun (and safe!) exercises like climbing, swinging, running, and jumping around…

All these skills used in playtime will eventually transfer into student results and of course, the child’s quality of life.

children climbing rope at a school playground equipment in canada

It also promotes good behavior inside the classroom

During class hours, children tend to get tired of sitting in the same confined and silent place, so they naturally start to disrupt classes, get distracted easily, and leave their seats!

But, if they have a playground, they can release all this energy! After having a healthy play they can come into the classroom feeling mentally rested, and better able to focus on learning.

Had you thought about all of the benefits of having a playground at school? We install playground equipment at your school in Canada so you can promote your student’s well-being and thus, endorse a peaceful and enriching school culture and experience.

Find the playground which suits best for your students at Westplay!

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