As a parent you want your child to excel at school. But how can you help them do so?

Today you will learn about PLAYING, which is a not-so-talked but very effective way to help your son do better at school:

Benefit #1: Playing develops strong physical and mental health

This is a huge reason and one of the most evident, don’t you think?

Staying physically active will reduce risks of diseases for your child, have a better quality of sleep, release accumulated stress at school, reduce anxiety, regulate emotion, boost moods, etc. 

When your child plays he or she is actively learning, which means they can stimulate their brain with games and learn how to solve problems on a very practical level.

Benefit #2: It rewards good behavior at school.

How about some playtime for finishing homework? This will give them a space and a moment for leisure and, in the mid-term, they will associate good feelings with finishing their duties and performing well.

this picture shows a child playing to do better at school

Benefit #3: It creates a good study environment for your child

Studying all day and all the time in the same enclosed space can be overwhelming and boring. Why not spend some time outdoors and teach them active pauses?

This can bring multiple benefits and recharge their energy. Also, spending time outside in the fresh air will help your child to clear the head and allow your child’s nervous system to relax.

Benefit #4: It strengthens their emotional wellbeing to then excel at anything

As a parent, you know that it is important for your children to feel successful from a young age, as this builds up their confidence. Playing will help you do exactly that!

How to make your child excel at school? Spending plenty of time playing with them will help you provide a safe space for listening and supporting them when they most require it.

this picture shows children at a playground to excel at school

Benefit #5: It helps your children improve their attention

Focus issues have a major impact on your kid’s academic performance. As you know, struggling to pay attention in class or having difficulties completing assignments can be frustrating for your child as well as for you.

But playing encourages children to complete one task at a time and achieve a specific goal (such as climbing the stairs to slide down the slide), and will give your kid a clear idea of what he/she needs to complete one task at the same time.

Benefit #6: It’s just fun

Do you need any more reasons? Playing is fun, rewarding, and encourages your kid’s happiness.

When good academic performance has been linked to higher overall well-being, you know what to do…

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