September means… back to school! What does this imply for our students? Surely they will be more active!

And after several months locked up at home, this seems to be an excellent option for their mental health. Finding motivation for study can be exhausting, but did you know that children can perform better academically through regular exercise?

Today we list the top 5 benefits of exercise for students:

#1 Increases energy levels

When engaging in physical activity, our body increases blood flow and oxygen goes faster to muscles. This causes your child to feel more energized.

This “burst of energy” not only occurs during exercise but also after it. So, it will always be a good option to work out at school or when going out, the result is the same: your children feel energized throughout the day.

#2 Improves cognitive development

Exercise has the potential to increase your cognitive performance because movement is good for both the brain and the body. The interaction between physical activity and cognitive development is crucial at young ages. When kids are active or playing, they practice and enhance cognitive skills like the learning process, decision-making, or language abilities.

Also, it can contribute to the brain’s health and memory! Exercise has been shown to cause the hippocampus, a section of the brain that is essential for memory and learning, to increase in size.

#3 Levels your emotional state

If the physical benefits of exercise are not enough, how about the emotional ones? Doing physical activity releases endorphins, which among other things lower stress, pain-relief and make your kid happier! A routine of exercise help to decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety in children. So, if he/she is stressing about that upcoming test, take them to the playground for some running and jumping.

#4 Protects cardiovascular function

Lack of exercise adds stress to the heart’s functionality. Regular physical activity can lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels. In the future, your kid will have less risk of developing health problems such as heart disease.

#5 Keeps student-focused

Daily exercise is the perfect tool to stay focused in the hustle and bustle of life. For example, when a child is playing can stay longer at one job like balancing in swing seats; this helps to keep their attention at present.

top 5 benefits of exercise for students

It is a fact that exercise is vital when children are in school.

Interestingly, there is no specific guide that tells us doing one exercise is better than others. So, how about choosing to play?

Running, jumping, climbing, rolling, and swinging are all great playing activities that will not only provide these health benefits but will also make a student’s day full of fun!

If you are interested in a playground that helps your children or students get these 5 benefits, we got you covered! Contact us now!

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