We know that playing is a constant learning experience, which makes it a vital activity for the integral development of children.

But…what things do they learn that can be useful for the rest of their lives? Playing is the perfect setting to expose children to real-life situations.

Let’s see 3 life skills children learn through play (that will last into adulthood!)

Self-confidence and self-esteem

When your child success (after repetitive occasions) at different playground activities like crossing all overhead ladders or climbing to the top, he/she builds a sense of accomplishment.

Also, kids begin to know what their strengths and abilities are and what things enjoy and what don’t, that is, building identity and self-confidence when they are found in new situations.


Playing is the perfect way for your kid can look for creative solutions to their problems, especially because there are no adults around to interfere.

Decision-making skills are linked to these skills during playtime. From an early age, children learn how to make appropriate decisions in front of problematic situations (eg. “If a child does not want to give up his turn on the swing, what should I do?”). This way, they improve resourcefulness and understand the bad or good consequences that each decision causes.


Although we may think that empathy is a skill that comes with us since we are born, it is really something that is learned when we are little and it is strengthened as we grow up.

At the playground, is natural to learn how to interact with others.

Playing allows children to develop communication with peers and make and maintain friends. As a parent, you can encourage your kid to look at the situations from the perspective of others and even teach them about the emotional and behavioral reactions of people.

Taking others’ perspectives is essential to have healthy relationships.

3 life skills children learn through play

Of course, the example you give at home or what they see at school are also aspects that help them to develop these life skills, but children are better learners when they are playing and having fun because their attention is 100% at present moment.

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