Has it ever happened to you that when you feel overwhelmed, you want to go for a walk and get some air to relax?

Well, that’s why being outdoors gives us a sense of calm and connects us with our five senses! That means brings us back to the present and takes us away from daily stress for a while.

But the truth is, the benefits of spending time outdoors are unlimited!

And it can be fun! How about playing outdoors? Let’s look 4 reasons to encourage kids to play outside:

Obtain Vitamin D

Playing outdoors is the best way to ensure that your kids are getting enough sunlight, which brings them Vitamin D.

This helps with a lot of health issues: protect and strengthen bones, prevent diabetes and heart diseases and regulate muscle function. Also, a regular dose of sun exposure has a positive impact on mental health, improving children’s mood.

Regulate the use away from electronic devices

It’s not news to anyone that more and more, children prefer to spend time using their cell phones, tablets, consoles, and computers. However, watching screens doesn’t promote the use of all body senses, which affects the natural sensory development of your kid. Also, this can deregulate sleep and worsen concentration.

Playing outdoor provides a wide variety of activities and advantages that screen-based entertainment does not. One of the most important is that it connects us with nature, that is, with the “real” world.

Boost physical activity

Life in motion means a healthier life. Even from the time we are children, it’s important to strengthen healthy habits such as regular exercise.

Studies show that kids are often more active when outside. When they are playing have a lot of space for jumping, running, climbing…etc., which counteracts modern sedentary lifestyles and builds a fitness level.

Enhance creativity

Of course, this great advantage cannot be left behind! Outdoor play is ideal for encouraging children’s creativity. When your child is away from indoor distractions and responsibilities, he/she explore their imagination without any restriction.

Being outdoors gives children the chance to inspire themselves thanks to the stimulation of the natural environment and playground equipment.

They will always have a new adventure waiting for them!

4 reasons to encourage kids to play outside

Choose an outdoor activity that brings your child a lot of fun but also gives her/him amazing benefits for their health!

If you want to encourage kids to play outside, how about choosing a playground for your backyard? At Westplay, we can help you!

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