It may seem like playing is more of a fun activity than anything else.

But research shows that playgrounds bring many more benefits to your kid than you might think! There are a lot of things going on that help our little ones.

While your child is swinging on the swing seats, climbing a tree, or crossing a handrail, his/her internal cognitive processes are being strengthened at all times. Playing is essential for a child’s integral growth not only physically but also mentally.

That’s why today we look at two powerful manners playgrounds help children’s cognitive development:

Improving language skills

We understand the world through language, that’s why children must be able to represent their reality with symbols and words. Language allows us to organize and make sense of what we do, see and hear.

Interacting with others while playing is the best way to make friends. Also is an easy way for them to practice their spoken language skills!

When kids are involved in free & unstructured play, they have experiences that help them to understand words in specific settings. It’s a fun way to expose children to new vocabulary.

In addition, children listen to what their playmates have to say, so, they learn what is going on in the “internal” world of the other and comprehend their needs and desires.

Increasing attention spam

Digital environments have made it increasingly difficult for us to keep our attention on a single task. That’s why spending so much time on cell phones facilitates procrastination and therefore, anxiety.

In general, when children take a short break from time & energy-consuming activities such as studying, they can re-focus easily when sitting again. That’s why some studies have found that playing at recess may have a huge impact on academic performance.

Plus: when kids are playing games that require following a series of steps, they’re improving the working memory, which allows retaining information while using it. We use this kind of memory when following instructions (e.g. cooking a recipe), which means, in a lot of different situations.

Two powerful manners playgrounds help children's cognitive development

As you can see, in addition to being fun, play spaces generate positive impacts on the development of children. Playgrounds support the cognitive needs of children. Also, other psychological processes such as speed of thought, reasoning, memory, and perception are also strengthened through play.

As children continue playing frequently, they’ll be prepared for their professional and personal lives!

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