A good night’s sleep is a fundamental part of a child’s optimal development. For instance, memory consolidation (necessary for learning) is a process that occurs while we are sleeping.

But sleeping issues have become more and more frequent and not just for adults. Children can have trouble getting enough rest or even not being able to fall asleep easily.

Let’s see 3 effective ways to help your child sleep better:

Set up a proper environment

Providing adequate space for sleeping is essential!

Check if your child’s bedroom is too noisy or too light. Also, try to keep screens (televisions, computers, phones) out of the room at night because blue light has negative effects on sleep by suppressing melatonin levels and maintaining our brains active.

Prepare a bedtime routine

Our bodies like habits. A clear structure at bedtime can help your kid to be prepared to sleep time.

You can start by setting a regular bedtime and wake-up time for every day. Having a series of easy steps that include brushing teeth, put on pajamas, disconnecting from video games, etc. are also useful ways to get ready for sleep.

Plus, engaging in a relaxing activity like taking a bath or reading stories is ideal for promoting a calm and quiet environment.

A regular bedtime routine definitively will be the key for your child to have good sleep patterns.

Play during the day

What we do during the day affects our sleep quality. So if your child has had a stressful & overwhelming day, he/she is more likely to have trouble sleeping. That is why playing is a very effective activity for a good night’s rest.

But let’s explore a little more about why playing helps you sleep better…

The benefit of spend time outdoor:

When your kids are playing outdoors, they are exposed to natural light that regulates their circadian cycle. This cycle is the biological clock that manages and programs the body’s physiological functions over 24 hours and prepares us to fall asleep after dark.

Then, encourage your child to get plenty of natural light during the day! This will help them feel alert during school time and sleepy when are going to bed.

The benefit of doing physical exercise:

When exercising while playing, the body releases endorphins, which are neurochemicals in charge of releasing pain and help us to reduce anxiety and stress. In a nutshell, physical exercise makes us feel good.

3 effective ways to help your child sleep better

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