A first clarification: many times lack of motivation shown by children can be a symptom of a more serious psychological or learning problem, so it is important to observe other behaviors such as sleep and feeding, and if necessary, consult a professional.

Of course, just like adults, it’s natural that children feel unmotivated once in a while, especially if their routine does not change much. That’s why it never hurts to have tools at school or home to help our children regain the energy they need for their daily activities.

Today, we list for you 4 foolproof ways to inspire your unmotivated children:

Planning realistic tasks

Setting up unrealistic goals for your kid is the perfect manner to burnout he/she because it makes them feel more fatigued and lazy. The solution is simple: plan attainable goals and beak the tasks list into small & manageable chunks.

It’s important kids know what is the way to start homework or big projects, in that sense, teach them how to strategize the work (for example, show them how to write a simple to-do list). But not all are working, to be productive is necessary have short breaks during work time.

Promoting competence

In many situations, people cannot be engaged in their responsibilities because they don’t feel the “drive” to strive to be the best version of themselves or master their regular activities. Similarly happens with kids.

Encourage friendly competition! Using games with prizes or offering rewards to do tasks can be helpful to encourage children’s motivation. For instance, setting up a system of rewards and consequences at home can boost your child’s effort to do their duties.

Finding interests

It’s hard to stay motivated if we don’t feel connected to what motivates us. The first step is to figure out activities that capture your child’s attention.

Explore at his/her side what they like to do most of the time, what are their passions, and what it is good at. It can be a long business, but when your kid finds out what loves, you can support them. The result will be a kid with the urge to keep doing meaningful activities that boost their motivation.

Going to the playground!

Just as you read it, one of the easiest ways to motivate children is to get them outside, and most importantly, to take them to the playground and play.

Spending time outdoor improves children’s mood, makes them feel less stressed and overwhelmed. Also, playing burns energy as nothing else does. This makes children feel more active during the day and re-energized to do things.

4 foolproof ways to inspire your unmotivated children

What do you think about these 4 foolproof ways to inspire your unmotivated children? Let us know in the comments

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