Rest is what allows us to recharge our energies to be able to continue with our daily activities. Even during play, it is important for children to rest as it is still a physical activity that can be very tiring…

That’s why there is nothing better than having spaces and equipment designed for the relaxation of playground visitors.

Having the right playground furniture not only helps your playground look much more attractive, but it is essential for parents, caregivers, and teachers to share a different outdoor space when they’re taking care of the kids.

Plus, installing outdoor furniture in your playground promotes making the most use of space you have available in your play area.

There are some essential outdoor site furnishing that every public playground needs to ensure a great experience for everyone. Here we highlight the furniture most common and useful for your play spaces:

Benches, Tables, and Picnic Tables

They are ideal spaces to promote social skills because encourage children to meet new playmates, talk with others, and make new friends. Also, tables at playgrounds are appropriate spots to share a meal in recess, have meetings with neighbors, have a family lunch, do homework school outside, or just spend a fun time. In addition to being a place where children can take a break during playtime, the benches are also a place where parents and caregivers can take an eye on children in a quiet manner.

Bike Racks

You can enjoy yourself more in a safer playground! Simple bicycle parking is necessary for most settings because there are many people who use bicycles for transportation for visiting parks or even their schools.

Garbage bins

Keep the play areas safe and clean for children to use. If children begin to use the bins correctly from an early age, that is, to separate recycling, they will learn to take care of their surroundings and the environment and will build the environmental awareness that is so necessary for future generations.

Final tip: garbage bins need to be installed in easy to reach places where people can easily spot them. Plus, try to assure that seating furniture has an accessible design and is hopefully shielded from direct sunlight.

The ideal complement for playtime: playground site furnishing!

In a nutshell, playground furniture is as important as the rest of the playground equipment mainly because of its functionalities and the comfort value it brings to the leisure areas.

But the furniture does not have to be boring and monotonous! At Westplay we have a great variety of designs, sizes, and colors of garbage bins, bike racks, benches, tables, and shades, perfect to match with your playground and be the ideal complement to the fun!

Choose the proper site furnishings and make your playground more welcoming and attractive for the community! Reach out to us at 604-424-4168 –

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