Although it may seem that the trend to use wood as a material for playgrounds has declined over time, the truth is that it is regaining strength in recent years.

Or also called natural parks because of the use of materials and structures that resemble natural spaces.

There are a lot of considerable reasons why is choosing a wood playground a great idea. Let’s see some of them:

Allows for unique creativity and flexibility in design. 

Natural playgrounds are known for being commonly less structured than commercial playgrounds. Wood is a highly flexible material that allows creating sculptures, custom features, and everything that your imagination desire.  

Gives a very aesthetic appearance to outdoor spaces.

Everyone agrees that wood looks beautiful when we see it in the home furniture, Christmas decoration, and even in little personal accessories like jewelry boxes. In public areas is not the exception! Wood playsets offer a rich look that gives a sense of warming and welcoming to families who use them. Also, it matches perfectly with the landscape of trees, bushes, and water bodies around. 

Connect people with the nature

With the advancement of the digital world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for our children to find the motivation to go out and spend time with friends outside the home. This results in them becoming disconnected from their surroundings, context, and eventually, from mother nature. 

Wooden playgrounds create a connection with nature like no other material does. Their touch is easy because the wood never gets too hot or too cold, which become this material a very attractive one. 

Research says that children need more nature when they’re living in urban areas. This matters especially because spending time in nature boos their attention relieves stress and fosters creativity.

As playground experts, we are 100% sure that wood is an ideal material for playground construction. Did you know that our playsets from our partner KBT are made of robust, safe, and high-quality wood? Perfect for your backyard!

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