Playing and having fun is a fundamental part of the development and growth of children since this allows them to develop physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally, helping to strengthen their health and have greater self-esteem.

Then, recreational activities are defined as a right for all children and their participation is essential, regardless of their level of development and their abilities.

This is the importance of inclusive playgrounds, which can be used by children of all ages and with different skills, assuring that everyone can participate and play properly.

Today, we will learn about five advantages that inclusive parks offer to the community.

They are accessible to all children

The structures of the inclusive playgrounds and the elements that compose them are designed with minimum heights so that the children cannot be injured.

In addition to having wide spaces, accesses, rails, and ramps for the mobilization of children with wheelchairs, as well as games and structures that are at ground level, so that everyone can adequately enjoy the facilities!

Combine activity zones

Some children are peaceful and enjoy calm activities, others like adventures more or there are cases of children who are overstimulated by crowds.

That’s why one of the advantages of inclusive playgrounds is the combination of both areas, active and calm games so that activity can be combined with rest and kids can feel more comfortable and at ease in different environments.

It helps develop sensory and cognitive skills

Not only should sensory and cognitive skills be stimulated within a classroom, but unstructured outdoor play also has important benefits. It promotes physical and mental exercise, helps children learn to share, develop healthy behavioral activities, and use all the senses, with elements that guarantee physical and social integration and inclusion, so everyone can play together.

Promotes an active lifestyle

By including different modules, equipment, areas, and activity centers that can be used regardless of age or abilities, all kids can feel included and develop independence. Plus, they can participate more actively in activities where they feel comfortable, and have fun & meaningful playing experiences.

Also, factors such as colors, sounds, textures, and movement, which stimulate activities such as sliding, rocking, turning, and climbing, boost physical activity, which boost their health.

It helps reduce prejudice and supports social integration

In many cases, children with special needs may feel ignored or be excluded. Inclusive playgrounds promote understanding of each child’s particular situation, thus reducing prejudices, promoting social integration, and empowering the community since everyone feels comfortable and safe in this environment.

Another important factor and advantage of inclusive playgrounds are that they foment empathy and reduce bullying by helping to understand particular needs and raise levels of social understanding.

What did you think of this topic? What other advantages do you think inclusive playgrounds have?

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