A well-known surface for playgrounds is rubber surfacing as it is one of the most popular and safest choices for outdoor and indoor flooring. It comes in a lot of types and designs, but the most common application is Rubber Tiles or Pour-in-Place.

The rubber surfacing is a safe, cost-effective, efficient, and fun surfacing option for your playground. However, we know that when it comes to researching and purchasing a surface for your play spaces, you need to be one hundred percent convinced of all the benefits it can bring. Today, we share with you 6 benefits of using rubber surfacing for your playground:

#1 Customizable

With rubber surfacing, there are no limits to your imagination! One of the huge advantages of this material is that you can easily tailor it to suit your preferences and needs. You can choose the colors, shape, depth, etc.; you can even customize your playground with a specific theme or incorporate games. This is not only an advantage that will help your surface fit more naturally into the environment, but it will also give a great aesthetic to the play space.

#2 Long-Lasting Lifespan

Rubber playground surfaces are very durable. Although it depends on the product, brand, and care, they generally last 10 to 15 years before any maintenance. Of course, this depends on proper installation, foot traffic, and exposure to temperature extremes. But they keep their shape and sturdiness for a long time, so don’t worry, there’s a guarantee of fun for years to come.

#3 No maintenance is needed

About the previous advantage, we can say that thanks to their long service life, rubber surfaces do not need frequent maintenance to stay in great shape because its strong resistance. We are aware that cleaning a playground surfacing can be hard. There is always dirt left by children or environmental fouling. However, this material is easy to clean with the right products.

#4 Safe

It is inevitable that at some point children have the risk of falling or hitting themselves while they are playing. Therefore, the safety of the elements is quite an important issue for all of us when looking for playground surfacing. Research has shown us that rubber surfacing has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of injury and is designed to CSA standards for the prevention of fatal brain injuries.

#5 Eco-friendly

One of the most important issues that schools, public parks, neighborhoods, and families should be concerned about is the care of the environment. Rubber surfaces are made from recycled materials, such as tires, which makes them environmentally friendly and helps reduce costs.

#6 Comfortable and inclusive

Another great advantage of rubber surfacing is its comfort thanks to its shock absorbability and flexibility. That makes the playing more longer and fun! Also, it is more accessible for all potential visitors with special needs and ideal for families with disabled or wheelchair-restricted relatives and caregivers. Freedom of movement at every step!

As you can see, rubber surfacing is an ideal bet for your playground! It is a material that can be customizable to your likes and needs, it is ecological, plus, it gives total safety for your children and it lasts for long years without frequent maintenance which makes a budget-friendly option!

What do you think about this topic? Do you know another benefit to use rubber surfacing in your playground?

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