Previous articles have exposed the benefits of placing rubber surfaces in playgrounds and play areas; however, some communities or organizations may not have the resources to acquire them.
KAL’S REPLAY FUND helps cover the cost of projects that promote recycled rubber to generate new products that benefit the communities. Next, we will know a little more about this foundation.

Building greener places

Environmental conservation has been one of the fundamental points to be considered by companies and organizations for many years. The need to optimize the use of resources, reduce waste, make an environment healthier, and less invasive for nature are leading factors to consider when starting a project of any kind.

Building places that bring people together

KAL’S REPLAY FUND helps finance the costs of projects that involve recycling tires to manufacture new products that can improve community facilities, be it: roofs, floors, surfaces, and children’s play structures, through charitable organizations or non-profit.

Making communities more pleasant

Playgrounds are fundamental for integrating people in the community, offering a place of fun and learning for children, where they can play without risk of getting hurt. Rubber surfaces make these environments a safe place, easy to maintain, and have striking aesthetics. The implementation in playgrounds of these elements made with recycled rubber guarantees fun and safety for children, which is why they are becoming more and more popular within communities.

Support for non-profit organizations

KAL’S REPLAY FUND supports Canadian organizations helping them to cover the cost of projects that include the use of recycled tire products and through Tires For Good (preview request). People can donate used tires to the organization or participate in raffles, auctions, or other activities that help raise funds.

Requests and applications

To apply, KAL’S REPLAY FUND application form, which explains how the projects to support are selected and how to submit the application. The foundation also keeps the information about community giving programs up to date on its @KalTire social media account. For more information, you can visit the following link.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know some project that needs support to apply to KAL’S REPLAY FUND?

For more information about Rubber Surfacing, you can visit the following link.

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