There is a wide variety of playsets regarding their function and its material. Choosing the ideal playset for playgrounds and homes depends on several factors. Still, we must always consider factors such as the available space, the quality of the equipment, its durability, and, above all, the safety it offers our children. One of the most popular manufacturing materials for games is wood due to its versatility and properties. Below are seven advantages of Wood Playsets for playgrounds and the home:

Strength and durability

There are different types of wood, each with unique physical properties and that is why it is so versatile. For the making of the playset, considering that they will be used by children mainly outdoors, the most used wood is the cedar because it does not swell with water and does not shrink or deform. This characteristic guarantees the durability of the equipment because it resists continuous use, hard work, and inclement weather.


Wood is a very versatile material. It can be adapted and molded to our requirements, that is why wooden playsets are very varied. They can be static elements such as a Buggy or Surf Shack, modules combined with lianas, adventure trails, or playhouses of different sizes and models.

Child safe

The Wood playset does not run the risk of bending and leaving sharp ends that can hurt, cut, or scrape the children; they don’t rust, they support a large amount of weight without breaking. So they are an excellent option for children to play calmly and safely.

Do not heat up

Wood is a safe material for children, especially in summer, since it is a material that does not heat up in the same way that metal or even plastic could on those hot days, so there is no risk of burns or injuries from hot materials. It is also a material that does not rust, so it has excellent durability with low maintenance costs.

Easy maintenance

There are woods without any finish that have outstanding durability. Further, solid wood is tough to ultimately damage; they are resistant to dents and scratches and stains and spills, so cleaning is effortless, and with proper preventive maintenance, they last for many years.

Promote contact with nature

Creating a connection with nature and for children to enjoy outdoor activities has been essential from the earliest years. The wooden playset allows to establish that link with nature through touch, stimulate the child’s senses by inviting them to feel the texture of the elements, improve the child’s physical, emotional and mental well-being, and activate the imagination group activities.

They are friendly to the environment

One of the most significant advantages of the wood playset is that they are made from renewable resources, with a more environmentally friendly production process, unlike plastic that requires fossil fuels for its manufacture. The wood is organic, non-toxic, and naturally antibacterial, plus its stains and glues are also safe for children.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know another advantage of the wood playset for playgrounds and homes?

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