Playing outdoors is essential for the development of children; these activities encourage social activities among the little ones in the house and are revitalizing, more so in today’s world where the use of smartphones, video game consoles, television, and computers are so typical for children’s entertainment. Activities such as: running, jumping, turning, climbing stimulate physical exercise and are fun, so should include a variety of elements in a playground to create the ideal playground, combining elements that develop psychomotor skills and are safe. 

Contact with nature is essential for the development of children. People associate nature with trees and vegetation; however, rocks are also important in any natural environment. It is in this context that the use of play boulders. 

Playgrounds play an essential role in instilling children’s love of nature and exploration- The inclusion of play boulders is essential so that children can climb and explore. In this article, we will explain more about play boulders.

 What are play boulders?

Play boulders are structures that simulate rocks, arches, and mountains, which allow children to climb safely; since they do not have sharp edges, they come in different sizes, textures, and colors so that they are integrated adequately into the environment. Children can climb, sit on, lean on or jump between the rocks. They can use it individually or create exciting formations that enhance playing areas.

Climbing: one of the favorite activities

Climbing is one of the favorite activities of children. It is an activity that allows children to interact and relate to each other and grow up in a sustainable environment. It is also a complete exercise since it helps strengthen the upper part of the body, increases coordination between arms and legs, and favors balance.

A versatile option

The structures that can be created with the play boulders are very versatile. It can include 3-dimensional forms, mounds, and ridges that integrate perfectly into the playground and even be used in rubber surfacing. These structures allow the development of different skills, help to awaken the adventurous spirit of children, create various game routes, and look like contemporary structures.

Climb safely

The materials with which the play boulders are made guarantee the durability and resistance of the pieThe materials with which the play boulders are made guarantee the durability and resistance of the pieces, a smooth texture, and rounded edges so that children cannot get hurt. The play boulders have safe areas for proper grip and prevent slipping, which is essential for the children’s physical integrity and the parents’ peace of mind. Therefore, parents can ensure that their children are playing in a safe and risk-free area.

Seamless integration

Play boulders can be used as stand-alone play pieces. Still, they can also be easily combined with rope cable structures, for example, and create a whole new play environment. Play boulders are specifically designed to adapt and connect, creating infinite possibilities for playgrounds, considering each project’s available area and budget.

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