Children by nature like to climb, jump, swing, so they are continually swinging on handrails or hanging on rails. It is essential to provide them with a safe place to do these activities without running any risk. This is the function that the Acrobatics Playsets comply with, elements that can be incorporated into the playground or home so that children can have fun like real gymnasts and acrobats.

Many people ignore that these playsets are designed not just for fun but also for children to develop their physical and social skills, obtaining essential benefits for their health and long-term development. Below are seven advantages of acrobatics playsets in public playgrounds, schools, and homes.

They increase the strength

Acrobatics playset helps build strength in both the upper and lower body and the core, improving your overall fitness and performance, helping to strengthen bones, increasing lean muscle mass, and burning more calories. When children swing, balance and climb, they activate their muscles and increase their heart rate, obtaining complete cardiovascular exercise.

It’s fun!

Using the acrobatic playset, you can spin, slide, turn and even have the sensation of flying; with the continuous use of these elements, great flexibility is developed, and the body can be moved in extraordinary ways, making this an entertaining and enjoyable activity. This is outstanding, since it is not limited to a single type of game, creativity and imagination are the limit.

Promote coordination and spatial awareness

Repetitive movements help children’s coordination, timing, and spatial awareness. The children can be naturally stimulated through acrobatics playsets as they provide a strong foundation for orientation and body strength which can also be helpful to increase your skills in sports such as skiing, gymnastics, cheerleading, somersaults, and diving.

Increase focus and concentration

Children using Acrobatics Playsets need to coordinate multiple actions to move in the correct sequence, make quick decisions or adjustments. With the playsets, the children must focus on their movements, be aware of their bodies and avoid distractions that may, for example, cause them to fall due to carelessness or an external distraction.

Develop flexibility

Acrobats are characterized by being highly flexible and elastic people. The movements generated by playing in an acrobatic playset help condition children’s muscles to be more flexible, stretchy, and less prone to injury, all through the magic of play.

Increase determination and confidence

Elements such as acrobatic playsets can be a real challenge for children, especially if they are afraid of heights; however, the elements of the acrobatic playset are safe and encourage children to try them in an environment that prioritizes their physical and mental integrity. Also, to master those challenges takes more than one opportunity to achieve goals in many cases. Still, those failed attempts are opportunities to learn and foster the determination to succeed.

They foster camaraderie

Although the acrobatics playset is primarily individual items, they foster camaraderie among children by supporting each other to overcome challenges, setting common goals, and overcoming obstacles. They also help accelerate learning when they give each other recommendations on how to use the equipment and overcome the fear generated when using it for the first time, promoting teamwork and creating friendships.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know other advantages of acrobatic playsets?

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