Children are a constant energy source and love jumping, running, and climbing. An excellent way to channel so much energy is through climbing walls and play boulders by offering a fun sports practice that is also a perfect physical activity when climbing. Climbing brings many health, social, and psychological benefits, which helps children with their physical abilities and personality development; this article will learn about some of those advantages that climbing play boulders brings.

It helps combat a sedentary lifestyle

Today, many children are used to only playing video game consoles and have left sports and outdoor activities behind; however, this is not beneficial for health. By incorporating playgrounds in schools and communities, children are offered an excellent opportunity to exercise and have fun while also sharing. If elements such as play boulders are included that are visually attractive and a challenge in many cases, children are encouraged to move, play outdoors and socialize, reducing a sedentary lifestyle and childhood obesity.

Increase psychomotor coordination

The practice of climbing allows better coordination between the child’s eyes, arms, and legs; by having to articulate his movements with the place visualized for his next grab, laterality is improved, and they know their body and its capabilities better. ; also developing their agility and balance.

Helps increase independence

Climbing helps children to be more independent and self-confident by promoting the development of decision-making, making their thinking more agile, and anticipating the situations that arise to move forward correctly. The play boulders help children overcome problems by themselves, looking for solutions to obstacles and facing them without giving up to reach the goal; it also increases their self-confidence and self-esteem when seeing their progress.

Another advantage associated with climbing is that it helps children concentrate, channel excess energy and nervousness, and combat stress if they find themselves in tense situations that have not been adequately addressed. , favoring your relaxation and calm.

Improves resistance

Climbing is a low-impact exercise, making it easy on the body, but the overall benefits are many. Children who practice climbing increase their resistance to physical activities and improve their flexibility, helping the health of their muscles, bones, joints, and entire cardiovascular system. It is a complete exercise that children love.

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