All children need the proper stimulation to develop their sensory, physical, and cognitive abilities equally, regardless of their age, cultural background, or skills. Everyone equally has the right to play under identical conditions; therefore, the implementation of inclusive parks is necessary. Based on a creative design, it establishes a gaming experience for everyone equally, autonomously, safely, and comfortably. This article will explain a little more about the importance of inclusive playgrounds for communities and schools.

They take everyone into consideration

When talking about inclusivity, one can think that it is only about taking into account people with disabilities; however, it is not limited to this only. Inclusive playgrounds are accessible spaces for the most significant number of children to share the experience of interacting with all the game elements, with adapted accesses, which are oriented to different ages and physical and intellectual abilities, promoting integration without differences.

They have different scenarios and areas

Children have different personalities, preferences, and interests, so it is essential to consider these aspects when designing a playground. That is why the inclusive playgrounds have separate areas depending on the needs of the children, with active elements for children who like movement and action. Still, they are also combined with quiet areas for calmer children who want to rest or be spectators of the other games without feeling isolated or excluded from the rest.

It’s multisensory

Inclusive playgrounds consider elements that stimulate all the senses, for example, sand games, musical instruments, bright colors, and others that allow children to develop their senses properly. Additionally, another essential factor is that they have elements that adapt to the different ages of the children so that everyone can participate.

They are accessible and safe

The inclusive playgrounds have a unique design that adapts to the budget and the space allocated for the project and allows access to everyone and have ample spaces so that children with special requirements can enter them. The inclusive playgrounds are created at minimum height so that the little ones do not get injured.

Integrate communities

Inclusive playgrounds are the ideal option to integrate communities and become a center of the fun, entertainment, and recreation for all family members, regardless of age, race, or condition; being a place suitable for everyone where fun is guaranteed.

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    2 replies to "Why are Inclusive Playgrounds important?"

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Excellent post! I believe that inclusive playgrounds are a perfect approach to teaching children about diversity. It is a place where children of exceptional abilities can come together and feel at ease. Some popular playground equipment, such as merry-go-rounds and seesaws, are intended for group play. These activities are more enjoyable by the social aspect they include and the excitement of spinning or bouncing.

      • westplay

        Thank you for your comment! Indeed, inclusive playgrounds are a perfect setting for everyone to learn!

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