Play boulders can be placed in playgrounds to form attractive play systems and structures that enhance play areas through exciting formations that can be used for climbing, creating routes and pathways, or simply sitting down to rest. Play boulders are a versatile option to include in playgrounds, but still, many people do not fully know what they are, and there are certain doubts about their use, so in this article, we will deny five myths about play boulders.

They are not aesthetic

Play boulders come in different colors and textures that simulate rocks naturally and organically, so their appearance is quite realistic and adapts very well to the environment. It does not clash or make the playground ugly; on the contrary, it gives it naturalness, freshness, and authenticity, so the play boulders can be perfectly adapted without affecting the aesthetics.

They are slippery

Rocks can naturally be slippery, either because they have a completely smooth surface, the plants and microorganisms that can grow on them, or because of the effect of water when it rains, so can think that play boulders maintain this characteristic; however, this is a myth. The play boulders, being designed for use by children of different ages, are made with anti-slip materials to guarantee the safety of the smallest of the house and that they can play without worries.

They are exaggerated or big

Although there are large play boulders, whose purpose is to serve as a climbing wall, create play systems connected by rope structures, and establish a larger entertainment area, smaller and more discreet play boulders adapt to the available space. And they are perfectly integrated into the environment without being exaggerated or exceeding the extension of land available for the project. Just as they are available in different textures and colors, there are different dimensions to selecting the right one for the playground and the budget.

They are not safe

Rocks and stones in their natural environment can have sharp edges, be slippery, have splinters, and other dangerous elements. In the case of play boulders, all their edges are rounded, and their surface is anti-slip to prevent children from suffering accidents and falling, hitting, or hurting themselves in any way.

They are useless

Play boulders are highly versatile elements that serve as play, exercise, or rest. They are a highly attractive zone for climbing; it is the ideal place to awaken children’s imagination, climbing, crossing, or jumping on them. They can also be a place to sit down to rest and recover energy while the game continues.

What did you think of this topic? What other characteristics do you know about play boulders? 

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