Rope Structure for a playground is an element that entertains and exercises children in many ways, bringing many benefits to their physical and mental health. It teaches them to work as a team, lead, manage emotions, and help their self-esteem. However, as they are systems that work with height and are not governed structures, they must take into account various factors to guarantee the safety of children and prevent them from being damaged or injured. In this article, we learn four mistakes when selecting Rope Structures for playgrounds that must be considered before their implementation.

Believe that any string can be used

Can think of using any rope bought in a hardware store to create a structure that can be implemented in a playground, but it is not about weaving nets with superficial knots and selecting any type of rope available. The ropes are the protagonist of these structures. They must be of maximum duration and withstand hard work since they will endure continuous friction and movement, so they must be resistant to wear, guarantee their resistance and strength, and select ropes that are special for this type of use.

Not taking into account the dimensions and the available space

The rope structures have a net fabric. So that the ropes perform their function correctly, maintain their integrity and guarantee the safety of the children must meet certain specifications. Depending on the playground where they are installed, whether they are simple nets or more complex structures such as diamonds or pyramids, they must be placed with a certain tension and rigidity. The ropes must be flexible but tense enough to keep upright.

Don’t consider durability

The ropes of these structures must be resistant. They are continually going to be grabbed and stepped on by children, in addition to being subjected to inclement weather from the sun, wind, water, snow, and even salt in the case of playgrounds near beaches. 

Therefore, the material with which they are manufactured must provide excellent resistance, have strength more significant than that required, and appropriate flexibility. It must also be pleasant to the touch to avoid scratches on children’s hands and prevent them from quickly fraying easily and losing color.

Do not consult with specialists

Before installing any playground, the ideal is to consult with specialists in the field so that they can design a project adapted to the client’s requirements, the available space, and the client’s budget. It is important to work with professionals trained to carry out drawing plans for preventive maintenance, select the most suitable materials for the playground, guarantee children’s safety and protection, and provide them with an appropriate place for their wholesome entertainment.

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