Many parents want their children to play outdoors and come into contact with nature, share with other kids their age, socialize, and not isolate themselves. The outdoors offers an environment of free rein to their creativity and imagination. For this reason, wood playsets are an excellent option since they provide that closeness to nature and are ideal for play and having fun. However, when selecting the wood playsets, some mistakes can be made that compromise the final result; below, we will mention five.

Choice of wood

There are many types of wood, but not all have the same utility. The characteristics change from one type to another and give it different hardness, flexibility, resistance, etc., so the durability and resistance will not be the same for any wood. For playsets, manufacturers select a wood that does not bend out of shape, shrink or deform with water. They must consider that playsets must be equipped for continuous use and will be subjected to inclement weather.

Poor cutting and sanding

Children will be in continuous contact with the wood, so the cuts in the wood must be perfect so that all the pieces fit correctly. Additionally, they must be adequately sanded so that there are no splinters that could harm children. That there are no protrusions that could hurt them or cause them to trip and fall.

Improper treatment

The wood must be previously treated to guarantee its durability and avoid damage by water, sun, snow, or salt in the case of installations near the sea. It is not only about selecting the suitable wood but also about treating it appropriately with non-toxic products so that it does not affect the users of the playset.

Inadequate anchors

The installation of a playset, depending on the model, will need screws, nails, glue, and anchors. The provider must also consider the surface where to install the playset. In any case, these fastening elements must be appropriate in length, thickness, materials, and function since they must guarantee the union of the features and the anchorage to the ground.

Supplier Selection

It is essential to select a professional provider with the experience and knowledge of installing wood playsets specifically. Select a provider that guarantees the playset’s durability, stability, and resistance. Still, above all that, the provider must ensure the safety and physical integrity of the children since they will be the primary users.

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