Play boulders are structures that simulate rocks, arches, and mountains, which allow children to climb safely. The individual or combined use of these structures offers children hours of fun and exercise. In addition to climbing, they can sit down, cross the paths that can build between them, or jump between the rocks. Play Boulders have many benefits for children, but like everything, they also have a negative side. Next, we will know some advantages and disadvantages of the play boulders.

Advantages of play boulders

Provides a complete workout

The play boulders encourage children to exercise outdoors. Climbing is a complete exercise that allows children to develop strength, balance, aerobic capacity, and flexibility. Climbing on play boulders works for the different muscle groups, increases resistance, and stimulates the heart rate. It helps burn calories, which helps avoid obesity. Furthermore, it keeps children from sedentary lifestyles by offering a fun activity that activates the whole body and muscles.

Helps mental health

Children develop skills to solve problems, patience, and cognitive balance processes. The use of play boulder helps physical and mental health since this exercise strengthens children’s confidence and self-esteem. The feeling of reaching the top after several attempts, unknowing their abilities, and overcoming the fear of heights benefit children beyond the physical plane. As a result, this will help with their comprehensive healthy growth.

Safe elements

The play boulders come in different sizes, textures, and colours. They are made with top-quality raw materials, which guarantees the safety of children. The play boulders have anti-slip surfaces to reduce the risk of falls. They have rounded edges to avoid injuries, without the risk of splinters or cuts that could hurt children.

Disadvantages of play boulders

Fear of heights

Some children are less risky than others. Heights can cause fear, so some kids may not enjoy the structure in its entirety; however, there are elements of low-rise play boulders that can be used as stone paths or seats to rest. Little by little, children can also gain confidence and dare to go a little further until they enjoy all of these elements.

Size of the structures

If you want to include these structures in your project, consider that there are large play boulders. So, they cannot be installed in all playgrounds due to the availability of length and height. In this scenario, it is best to seek the advice of a specialized provider who will recommend the most suitable play boulders according to the available space.

What did you think of this topic? What other advantages or disadvantages do you know about play boulders?

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