Today, it is challenging to encourage children to play outdoors and keep them away from video games, cell phones, and other screens. These activities promote a sedentary lifestyle, which does not stimulate social skills and reduces children’s contact with nature. That is why there are interactive playgrounds, a type of park that combines the best of traditional playgrounds with technological advances to offer a new gaming experience. But to have the desired result, it is necessary to have an equipment provider who knows the interactive branch and precisely what it is. The following mistakes that could be made when selecting an interactive playground provider are explained below.

The provider does not know about the theme

A playground provider may have many years of experience in the world of traditional parks but be completely unaware of the interactive branch. If you are not adequately trained on the subject and acquire the appropriate equipment, the results will be wrong, which can cause a loss of money and time. The ideal is to select a provider that knows about interactive playgrounds, their function, required equipment, distribution, and more. Moreover, the right provider uses the appropriate resources according to the client’s requirements.

It’s not a video arcade

In terms of interactivity and technological elements, providers may be simply in charge of offering a video game room with consoles, screens, and games for these established platforms. Children sit down to play using remote controls and remain static for hours. Instead, an interactive playground combines technological elements with traditional play structures to offer a comprehensive and superior gaming experience.

Specialized design

Each function playground component fulfills a function and must be installed correctly to make it functional and guarantee children’s safety. The design and installation of the playground must be done by specialized personnel who know the purpose of each element and can be used correctly. Something as simple as locating a playset element at the wrong distance or height can cause an accident. Therefore, the entire floor plan must be precisely calculated, considering that the use is for children.

Management of electronic elements

Technological elements such as screens, speakers, sensors, and others work with electrical energy; therefore, they require wiring to power them. The supplier must know how to properly install everything that has to do with electricity and not leave exposed cables that children can trip over or damage and cause an accident.

What did you think of this topic? What other points should you consider when choosing a provider in British Columbia?

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