Rope structures offer great moments of joy for children, offering excellent physical and mental exercise, a challenge for many, but always offering many hours of fun. Whether through bridges, ladders, or climbing figures, rope structures offer many benefits, although they can also have some negative aspects. In this article, we will learn a little more about rope structures through some of their advantages and disadvantages.


Improves psychomotor skills

Those activities that require balance, stability, grip, movement, and, above all, coordination helps develop psychomotor skills. The rope structures allow all this and more, assisting the child in better controlling his body and movements, thus helping with motor skills.

It is an excellent exercise

Climbing and moving around unstable structures such as rope structures allow you to strengthen the upper and lower body parts. The impulse, grip, and balance require coordination and control of the body, helping to increase strength, elasticity, and flexibility. All the extremities must work together and control the center of gravity.

Encourage group work

Children in the rope structure can form groups to compete with each other, whether reaching the highest point, crossing the bridges, or endless other games. Stimulating the sense of leadership, healthy competition, teamwork, cooperation, and help between children.


Fear of instability and height

Structures that are not rigid have an inherent instability, characteristic of these types of materials. Children not feeling a firm “ground” may feel afraid of this or heights; however, the rope structures are firm enough so that the sensation of stability is not lost.

Additionally, the rope structures are made with top-quality reinforced ropes, so they will not lose their characteristics and resistance with use but will remain in time. In addition, the rope cables are built with the safety of children in mind so that all the grips, ties, or anchors that make up the structure are solid enough to keep the system’s integrity.

Risk of injury

Many ropes are made of rough materials and can cause burns due to friction. Also, with use, they lose their firmness, having a buckling effect, so stability is minimized, and children can slip and fall. However, the ropes on the rope structures are made with soft, highly resistant fibres and top-quality materials to prevent any injury to children.

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