For parents and caregivers to be confident that their children can play safely, the playgrounds must comply with specific care and maintenance protocols. These protocols assure that a playground is always kept in conditions suitable for use by children. The maintenance also protects the capital investment in the project and maintains the playground in optimal conditions for longer.

Time is one factor that affects objects more, in the same way as the climate, in the case of outdoor equipment. And the sun, rain, snow, and even salt, in the case of installations near beaches. The different temperatures and the change of seasons affect the equipment regardless of the material used in their manufacturing. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out continuous reviews and preventive maintenance of the playgrounds to avoid incidents. Next, we will talk about the importance of playground maintenance.

Importance of Maintenance

As mentioned in previous articles, playgrounds are used by children, so security measures must be of a higher level since the children do not have sufficient capacity to measure the risks and have the details of the faults that the installations may present loose screws, broken pieces or structural failures that can cause cuts, drops, and injuries. That is why adults should be responsible for generating maintenance plans to ensure the care of the areas where children play so that they can do so without inconvenience.

Detailed review

From the moment of their installation, the playgrounds need an exhaustive review of all the elements to guarantee that they are suitable for use by children. And must do it periodically to ensure that these conditions remain perfect, so it is necessary to check all the elements and parts both together and individually: platforms, fixings, floors and surfaces, ropes, protection elements, and others, to verify that they are in perfect condition and do not need to be repaired or replaced with a new part.

Maintenance of indoor playgrounds

Playgrounds installed indoors, despite not being exposed to inclement weather, also require routine inspections to check that all the elements are in good condition. It is essential to clean indoor playgrounds frequently, especially if they are not for residential use and are in commercial establishments for public use. This action guarantees a playground where children are not at risk of contracting diseases, showing that commercial establishment owners care about their client’s well-being. In addition to the usual cleaning, it is vital to establish a preventive maintenance plan to avoid further damage.

Maintenance of outdoor playgrounds

In outdoor playgrounds, the revisions must be more frequent and thorough than in the case of interiors. Despite being resistant equipment and suitable for outdoor conditions, they may need a change of parts at some point. Moreover, the equipment may have deteriorated due to extreme weather conditions, misuse, or vandalism. In these cases, a technical evaluation carried out by an expert is recommended so that one can make the appropriate recommendations to guarantee the useful life of the playground.

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