Playgrounds and public parks are essential to children. The stories and adventures have developed that help establish the physical aspect and improve children’s cognitive and social function. A playground and public park with a rubber surfacing on its surface will allow children a series of advantages to help families in the entertainment and safety that the equipment provides. Below we will briefly explain each of these advantages.

Respect the environment

The rubber surfacing is very positive for the environment because it allows the reuse of vehicle tires. These are shredded and, under a controlled process, are transformed into a product that helps reduce the amount of waste and CO2 emissions in landfills. This is an example of a circular economy because a manufactured product is used again for decoration and security.

It is more profitable

This coating method saves time and money; it is a material that allows its installation on any ground with minimal surface preparation before installation, which is good news for all communities and schools looking to install a playground with a low budget. This method, what’s more, allows the rubber coating placement in various thicknesses (depending on the equipment’s area and the risk to be covered).

Wide ranges and colors

The rubber surfacing gives the possibility of bringing a colorful and lively space to the playgrounds. They can be combined in different ways to suit the environment or the type of equipment installed. For example, orange and blue tones will make the playground a fun area that invites children to run and play on this surface. The combination of colors and designs will always be subject to the place’s interest where it is installed.

Natural appearance

Like artificial grass, the rubber surfacing is indistinguishable and can quickly adapt to the playground environment. But one of the most significant advantages of rubber surfacing is its resistance to adverse weather conditions. It withstands the heat without leaving its place thanks to the union made with resin, and as a plus, it does not need too much maintenance.

Reduction of impacts

Falls in playgrounds often happen due to the intensity with which children play and have fun. A rubber surfacing lining provides a cushioned surface that will lessen the impact of falling. When installing rubber surfacing, you can choose the thickness depending on the installed equipment and anticipate possible accidents, reducing injuries

Flexible and porous

Another benefit of rubber surfacing floors is that when manufactured, they are composed of several crushed granules; this generates spaces that benefit the circulation of water when it rains, minimizing puddles and floods. Also, a rubber surfacing liner is recognized for its flexibility and ease of installation on playground equipment.


Unlike other surfaces such as wood bark and gravel, the rubber surfacing must be bonded with a special resin, which generates a very durable surface. Maintenance is reduced to almost zero due to the material and the way of installation. It is also one of the best all-weather options for drainage and resistance, keeping injuries minimum.

What do you think of the rubber-lined playgrounds? Have you had the opportunity to play with your family in one of them? Comment and leave us your opinion.

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