How to encourage your child to exercise? We all wish to have our kids be physically active and maintain the vibrant health they are born with. But in a world of video games and constant lockdowns, how can you promote exercise in a way that is fun and motivating for your children?

You probably know that physical activity from a young age is vital for preventing diseases, improving mental health, and increasing our overall well-being.

What you might not know is that The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that children do at least 60 minutes of exercise each day of the week. And you will only reach that if you create an environment that encourages physical activity!

how to encourage your child to exercise
Playground Canada, Jambette

What about traditional exercise to encourage your child to move?

So what is the problem with common approaches? Traditional exercise routines (such as jogging or lifting) can become boring for your children as they are repetitive and not very stimulating, and also leave them isolated from feeling part of a group.

When it comes to sports, soccer lessons, swimming competitions or hockey practices are great…besides the strict rules and specific skills or equipment that they require.

So what is the solution? We introduce you to playgrounds.

how to encourage your child to exercise
Playground Canada

Here are 3 benefits of having them:

  1. Playgrounds will allow your children to do multiple fun activities, so they will cherish the experience of exercise and will increase their possibility of making physical activity a lifelong habit.
  2. Unlike sports, playgrounds enhance children’s creativity and imagination by having unstructured movement free of rules.
  3. Fun playgrounds are social in nature and will encourage your kids to share their play time with other kids and develop their bonding skills.

Using playgrounds to inspire your child to exercise is a fun and easy way to promote a healthy life in your family and to create long-lasting habits of wellbeing. And this is how to encourage your child to exercise!

How do you imagine the dream playground for your children? Share it in the comments!

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