There is no doubt that the pandemic brought a 360-degree change to our lives. From changing our daily routines to facing our greatest fears, we all had to lock ourselves in our homes and wonder “How can I find a place for my kids to play during this pandemic?”

We worry because we know the decrease in physical interaction with other children can harm their social development, but then…how can we ensure both their mental and physical well-being while reducing their anxiety and stress, all while staying at home?

How to find a place for kids to play during the pandemic

Kids love this: open place for play!

You know getting outside is critical for the mental health of our family and kids and to keep them calm and healthy.

And one simple strategy for re-potentiate our children’s coping capacities to face the challenges of COVID-10 is playing!

Experts in public health assure that getting outside time doesn’t represent a high risk if the distance of at least 6 feet from others and other biosafety protocols are taken into account. But you can find a safe place -and safe activity- for kids to play around.

Imagine a playground that is entertaining, supervised, and built with safety in mind. How would their life change?

How to find a place for kids to play during the pandemic

The many benefits outdoor play has for your kids

Kids need fresh air, vitamin D, and physical exercise. And they appreciate a space where they can run, jump, climb around, make noises, and also enjoy nature.

This will give them a sense of normality and will help them to feel more entertained and in control of what they were encountering at home possibly.

At Westplay we believe that play is a powerful tool for coping with the pandemic.

And when it comes to playgrounds, health care professionals recommend their use. Just as long as the area is not crowded, his nearby home, and proper handwashing protocols and physical distancing are followed.

So, what are you waiting for to take your child to the nearest playground or have your own at your backyard home?

Life is gradually returning to its “normal” course and outdoor activities are once again an option for many, including children. Let us not forget this important way to foster kids’ resilience during these unpredictable and challenging times.

When thinking about how to find a place for your kids to play during the pandemic, think about playgrounds!

If you’d like expert help to get your playground up and running, get in touch here!

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