Social distancing has been a difficult issue for everyone. Keeping us apart from our loved ones can be a hard task. But when we are aware that we are doing it for the good of all (including our friends & family), it seems like an easier task.

That’s why the pandemic has disrupted a lot of daily environments including one of the most important for our children: schools. As a result, outdoor education has become a popular choice.

With the technological world we live in, it is increasingly difficult to motivate children to get away from screens and spend more time receiving fresh air. It has been proven that screen time has negative effects on the natural learning processes and sleeping habits.

But research has taught us that outdoor school brings many more benefits than just giving enough space for social distancing, improving ventilation, and keeping away kids from screens.

Let’s see two more benefits of having an outdoor classroom for your school:

Students get more involved

It is confirmed that when children are taking a class outside, they are more engaged in what teachers say and do. When students are in a fresh environment, surrounded by nature and new elements, they are more likely to be actively motivated in classroom activities by asking questions, working in teams, proposing topics, or initiating discussions.

Also, children’s focus improves considerably because they’re usually less stressed, with more energy to listening & talking, and being away from inside distractors.

Real learning occurs especially when children become engaged with their environment.

There is no loss. Kids are going to enjoy more their subjects for sure!

Creativity, imagination, and learning are enhanced

There are plenty of ways to foster learning. One of them is having a multi-sensory learning experience, which means, learning through our sense’s information by staying in a natural environment.

Children are able to explore, try new things, imagine new scenarios, and learn by themselves with more freedom than in a close-classroom. Plus, students acquire experiential or hands-on knowledge instead of theoretical or textbook knowledge. There is no better way to learn than by practicing it in real life!

Change your classroom into something more than just desks distributed in a linear & grid pattern and a whiteboard on the wall…
Go for a less conventional & more fun learning space, but with a lot of extra benefits!

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