As with other important gross motor skills such as running or walking, climbing is an activity that children learn from a very young age and strengthen over time.

Of course, this process of developing these motor skills goes unnoticed because externally we only see the children’s fun!

However, internally, when children climb they improve their physical, cognitive, and even emotional development.

One of the best elements that playgrounds have for practicing climbing activities is the ropes course. So let’s see the top 3 benefits of the kid’s ropes course:

Strengthens muscles

Within the physical benefits of climbing, we found the strengthening of body muscles. Ropes course requires a good deal of upper body strength. Our children engage muscles in the hands, forearms, and upper arms by climbing walls or grabbing onto ropes.

The wide variety of climbing techniques within the ropes course does wonders for physical health! Your kid maybe is just looking for fun but at the same time, he/she is going to have the right daily workout that needs.

Increases self-confidence

Rope courses are also known as challenges courses. And this name tells us a lot about its functionality! Children who enjoy time climbing take positive risks that help them to increase their self-confidence.

The challenges they obtain by climbing the ropes course push them to get out of their comfort zone. They enter in situations that evoke fears (e.g. fear of heights, fear of falling). Your kid can gain personal achievements that will build their self-trust and therefore their self-esteem.

Promotes teamwork

Knowing how to work in a team is fundamental to being successful in different areas of our lives such as university or job places. That is why it is important to expose our children to environments that promote teamwork.

Ropes course not only develops physical endurance but also builds teamwork. Children practice constantly different social skills like communication, leadership, decision making & problem-resolution, which cannot be worked individually.

Each team will have to work together and communicate effectively to get through each challenge. Teams will experience conflict and will have to engage in conflict resolution and proper decision-making to get through the course.

Top 3 Benefits of the kid's ropes course

Among other skills that climbing at ropes courses brings our kids are boosting mental health, enhancing balance & coordination, and improving sequencing and memory skills. Ropes courses have a great number of educational, developmental, and recreational advantages.

The list of benefits can go on and on!

Now tell us, what do you like most about this type of playground equipment?

Our Dynamos partner’s Ropes Courses are designed to let children have fun while developing multiple life skills!

If your community or school is interested in adding them to its playground, don’t hesitate to contact us at 604-424-4168 –

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