Not everything in playgrounds should be elements and structures that stimulate movement and exercise. It is also necessary to have spaces that allow rest, recharge energy, and monitor children without necessarily being on them while they use the playground equipment.

Elements such as picnic tables, benches, bike racks, and garbage containers are essential to complement playground game systems. Not only to increase their attractiveness but also because it is necessary to have the right furniture for parents and caregivers to share in an outdoor space suitable for both adults and children.

In many cases, vital importance is not given to the site furniture within the playgrounds since they may be considered unnecessary or they are an expense that is not required. However, this article will explain why it is essential to include these elements.

Need rest areas

This reason may seem obvious, but it is not considered in many cases because it is too noticeable. Parents, caregivers, and even kids need a place to sit, take a break, recharge, and even store their belongings at the playground. The site furniture offers a comfortable place to talk, hydrate, eat a snack, or share a moment.

Give children space

Some children may not dare to do some activities because they feel overprotected by their parents for fear of getting hurt. Site furniture allows parents and caregivers to watch and monitor children from a safe distance, giving them a space to play freely without feeling limited or overwhelmed by their presence. In this way, children are helped to have independence, feel comfortable playing freely and foster their self-esteem and confidence. At the same time, children play knowing that their parents are close by in case of any eventuality. 

Help with order and cleanliness

The site furniture is not just benches and tables; it also includes elements that help maintain order and cleanliness in the playground. For example, bicycle racks are helpful for parking bikes nearby playgrounds since, in many cases, people bike to the playgrounds or school. They even bike as part of their exercise routine that they complement in the parks. Garbage containers are also essential to keep the playground clean and teach children to take care of their surroundings and the environment in general. These elements help conserve the spaces and make the stay in the playground more pleasant as it is a clean and safe place.

Take advantage of the use of spaces

Some playgrounds are located in large areas; therefore, many spaces may be available that, if not considered, may be neglected or wasted. Site furniture maximizes space, allowing room for sharing, meeting new friends, and promoting social skills. Room for picnics and meetings. Even do homework outdoors, which in many cases helps the child to enjoy a different study method.

What do you think about this topic? What do you think about site furniture for playgrounds?

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