Parents always ensure the safety of their children, which is why they always take precautions on their outings, especially if they are young children. Not all sites are suitable for children since there may be stairs, glass, vehicular traffic, and others that risk children’s integrity. However, countless places are suitable for children and others created exclusively for their use, as in the case of playgrounds. Even so, as parents, there is always the fear that something could happen to the children; therefore, what are the main fears of parents when taking their children to a playground are going to be mentioned below.

Suffer a fall

Falls are one of the most common injuries in children and can be caused by many reasons: poorly tied shoelaces, pushing or tripping, and running on a wet surface; in short, there can be many reasons that cause child falls. For this reason, it is highly recommended to take children to playgrounds with floor covering; more specifically, rubber surfacing is recommended since it is a non-slip material and effectively absorbs impacts, minimizing the damage that a fall can cause.

That another child hurt him

Here the work of parents is very important in promoting respect for others. Parents must teach children to respect the rules, to use the equipment properly, and to coexist harmoniously. It is important for parents to teach their children to play with children their own age since they must understand that older children have more strength and that a sudden movement could hurt them. On the other hand, if they are going to play with younger children, they must learn to be careful with them, avoiding hurting them.

There are many playgrounds that have specific elements for certain age ranges, so children must be taught to use the equipment appropriate for their age or avoid endangering their integrity by using equipment for which he is not yet ready, which can have a negative effect not only on a physical level but also on his self-esteem and emotional security, by causing fear to use this teams again. Here lies the importance of inclusive parks, where healthy coexistence is encouraged, and children of different ages, capacities, abilities, and conditions can play without risk.

Suffer a cut

Another common injury feared by parents is the cuts, which can be of various magnitudes, be it the case of small cuts because they can be caused by a misplaced nail or a larger one that can be caused by broken glass. For this reason, it is essential to conduct a general review of the equipment, park, and playground to verify that there are no elements in poor condition and that the cleaning is correct. Hence the importance of the playgrounds have trash cans and specific places to eat, in addition to performing preventive maintenance on time.

What do you think about this topic? How important do you think security is in a playground? Do you know other fears of parents?

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