Many parents want their children to play and exercise outdoors in a playground, especially for its different benefits. It is important to take into account that a playground can be made up of different elements and accessories, which can be essential to guarantee a positive experience and optimal development in the child. In this post, we will talk about the importance of slides in playgrounds.

They are visually appealing

The slide is the most striking decorative element in a playground, this is due to its special characteristics such as bright colors, ease to use, it is not a common element in the home, etc. Being visually striking, the slides arouse children’s interest and stimulate their interaction with other elements of the park.

Child strength development

When climbing the slide, children must use strength to climb the stairs and hold on to the bars, to later slide down the slide. All this benefits the muscular development of the child’s legs and arms, as well as helping him to have a healthy cardiovascular system.

Coordination and balance

As we saw in our previous article, when a child uses a slide, she must coordinate the movement of her legs, arms, and head, which benefits her vestibular system. The vestibular system is located inside the inner ear and its function is to maintain balance and posture, in addition to coordinating the movements of the body and head and allowing the gaze to be fixed at a point in space. When using a slide, children acquire greater vestibular participation, benefiting their balance and body coordination, as well as improving their focus and spatial perception.

They adapt to any environment

The slides in a playground can be of various heights, colors, shapes (straight, wavy, spiral, parallel, or tunnel), and materials (stainless steel or plastic). These characteristics allow them to be better integrated with the environment and theme of the playground.

They enrich the gaming experience

As we saw in our previous article, an exciting feeling for children is arriving at a playground and seeing different accessories, elements, and attractions, which encourages them to play with their friends, invent stories and enjoy new games. Children’s playgrounds have the advantage that they can incorporate different elements that increase the activities that can be carried out. One of the main advantages of slides is that they enrich the play experience in a children’s playground, allowing the fun to escalate to another level, and encouraging creativity, exercise, and socialization of children.

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    2 replies to "Why are slides important in playgrounds?"

    • Logan Brown

      Great job! The physical advantages of utilizing a slide for youngsters are extensive. First, the strain of ascending the ladder helps children build arm and leg strength. Furthermore, slides encourage children’s confidence and curiosity. Secondly, when children play together, the slide is an excellent approach to promote crucial social skills such as cooperative play, taking turns, sharing, and learning patience.

      • westplay

        Thanks for your words Logan! Indeed, the slides are very helpfull for the kids!

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