Play should be part of children’s daily activities so that they have integral development. Parents have to offer this recreational time, where various activities should be included to help strengthen children’s physical and psycho-emotional skills. Spring riders are an excellent alternative in playgrounds, allowing children to improve their balance, coordination, and socialization while encouraging creative play and imagination. 

Benefits for the body

Spring riders help children strengthen their core muscles, bringing benefits to the back, hips, pelvis, and abdomen and providing strength to the trunk, which is vital for balance and stability. Since the child will use the core muscles while pushing the spring rider back and forth, from side to side, or while bouncing, they will be in a constant exercise routine for this area of the body, developing these muscles that are of vital importance for daily activities in childhood and even in adult life.  

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

As part of physical development, spring riders encourage children to get up and move around, making physical activity fun, joyful, easy, and imaginative; this promotes heart and respiratory health, allowing for a healthy cardiovascular system, reducing stress, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Coordination and balance

Children must learn to balance when using a spring rider to avoid falling. They must know their bodies and detect their center of gravity; they must learn to use different body parts simultaneously, thus improving their coordination. In this way, they develop an awareness of space and their body, weight, movements, and capabilities. 

Awaken the imagination

Spring riders come in a variety of shapes and designs, allowing children to awaken their imagination and give free rein to their creativity, inventing people, games, and situations that can be extended to the different elements of the playground to create a whole world out of a playground element, where you can pretend to be a pirate, a cowboy, an astronaut, a driver or whatever you want to be because here the limit is the imagination. 

Development of social skills

As it is an unstructured game, children design their games that can extend for hours, which fosters social skills such as sharing, as children learn to take turns using the spring riders, also to negotiate and develop leadership skills, helping other children to make decisions, also creating a sense of fairness and equity by seeking that everyone uses the equipment equally.

Collaborative play also helps children improve their communication skills by creating stories together and role-playing, which allows them to understand the feelings and emotions of others, increasing empathy by putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. The spring riders allow the child to broaden their way of seeing the world and thinking, considering multiple points of view and respecting the opinion of others to maintain a healthy and harmonious play environment.

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