Natural Playgrounds are outdoor playgrounds designed to take advantage of the natural elements of the environment and encourage children’s imagination, creativity, and exploration. These playgrounds offer a more organic alternative to traditional playgrounds, offering an experience that brings children closer to nature. Canada is known for its natural wealth and natural landscapes’ beauty, so Westplay has a line of natural playgrounds that evoke natural wonders and turn them into play spaces. In this article, you will learn some reasons to choose Westplay as a supplier of natural playgrounds in Canada.

What are Natural Playgrounds?

Instead of metal and plastic structures, natural playgrounds use natural materials such as wood, stone, and sand to create an authentic and stimulating play experience. Children can run, jump, climb, dig, and explore in a safe and healthy environment. Natural playgrounds offer several advantages. First, they encourage physical activity and health outdoors; children can run, jump, and climb safely, which helps them develop physical skills and maintain good health. Additionally, natural playgrounds stimulate creativity and imagination. Children can create games and adventures, which helps them develop social and emotional skills. 

Natural playgrounds reduce exposure to technology and media, which helps prevent obesity and lack of physical activity. Children can enjoy an authentic and healthy play environment, which helps them develop social and emotional skills. And, of course, natural playgrounds are environmentally friendly. The natural materials used in this type of playground are sustainable and environmentally friendly, which helps protect the environment and preserve biodiversity.

Quality and safety

Safety is the number one priority in any gaming space. Natural playgrounds must meet certain safety standards and must be designed to minimize the risk of injury. Quality materials and proper construction contribute to a safer environment for children to explore and play without undue worry.

Westplay uses high-quality and durable materials that make its products a long-term investment. The materials used in the construction of the play elements are carefully selected to ensure their safety and integrity to create play environments suitable for all children, as all treatments, glues, and varnishes applied to the wood are approved for use in equipment used by children. Also, the anchors, fasteners, and other elements are carefully studied and selected with unique characteristics to avoid the collapse of the structures. 

Customized Solutions

One of the main doubts and concerns of the clients at the moment of realizing a natural playground project is to know if the final result will be the expected one and if their investment will be justified. At Westplay, we work with professionals dedicated to studying each project to offer customized solutions to each client and adjust to the available space, the age of the users, the budget, and other needs of the client.


The natural playground provider must have several years of experience in the sector. For example, a company that has only been in operation for one year is not the same as a company that has been in the sector for more than five years. The more time the company has, the better the ability to respond to possible setbacks related to natural playgrounds: permits, safety standards, quality of materials, regulations, transportation, etc.

In this aspect, we can mention that Westplay has more than five years of experience in the natural playgrounds sector, which is reflected in the different projects it has carried out and hundreds of satisfied clients in Canada.

Why choose Westplay?

Westplay has a line of Natural Playgrounds products for children of all ages, offering various play elements that stimulate physical and social activity and contact with the environment. From wooden structures and climbing ropes to cabins and bridges, Westplay has something for all tastes and abilities. Children can explore and play in an environment that allows them to create games and adventures.

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