Playground grass is a recreational surface found in parks, gardens, schools, and other public spaces where children and adults can play and enjoy the outdoors. This type of surface has unique properties that help ensure the safety of children on the playground, the aesthetics of the site, and other additional advantages. In this article, we will delve into what Playground Grass is and the main characteristics of this type of grass. 

What is playground grass?

Playground Grass is artificial turf designed specifically for playgrounds and recreational areas, such as parks, playgrounds, picnic areas, plazas, and other public spaces where high usage activity and heavy impacts are expected. Unlike natural grass, playground grass is more resilient and durable and is designed to absorb the effects and shocks during play and physical activity.

Playground Grass comprises synthetic polyethylene or polypropylene fibers that are intertwined to create a smooth, uniform surface. These fibers resist wear and degradation, making them ideal for high-activity areas. In addition, playground grass can be designed with different colors and patterns to create an attractive and pleasant environment for users.

Leaves no traces

This type of surfacing leaves no traces of dirt on children’s clothing, unlike sand, wood chips, or even natural grass, which can leave green stains that are difficult to remove. Also, other types of surfacing made with low-quality rubber crumbs can leave black stains that damage children’s clothing. In contrast, playground grass offers a clean, easy-to-maintain surface. It is a unitary surface that requires very little or, in some cases, no infill. 


Playground Grass has superior durability to conventional playground surfaces and is backed by a warranty guaranteeing the product. It is low maintenance, so brushing twice a year can keep it in perfect condition for a long time. The playground grass must be durable and resistant to withstand constant use and adverse weather so it does not discolor due to the effect of the sun, does not degrade, and lasts for many years. Also, the playground grass is designed to withstand the impacts and blows that occur during play and physical activity, making it ideal for areas of high activity.

What is playground grass? Main characteristics


One of the most relevant elements and primary considerations of playground manufacturers today is to make them inclusive and facilitate access to the facilities for people with limited mobility. Playground Grass offers a surface where wheelchairs can move quickly and other mobility elements such as baby carriages, walkers, and others, making it an ideal surface for inclusive playgrounds. 


Safety is the most crucial feature of playground turf. Children can easily fall and injure themselves while playing, so it is critical that the turf be soft and flexible to cushion the blows and reduce the risk of injury. Playground grass is designed to drain water quickly, making it ideal for outdoor areas where moisture can be a problem. 

It is also important to note that some surfaces generate static, which is annoying when you receive a shock and can interfere with cochlear implants and other electronic devices. In the case of playground Grass, this uncomfortable sensation is avoided thanks to the technology applied in the manufacture of its blades.  

Aesthetics and comfort

The Playground Grass must be attractive and pleasing to the eye, so it can be designed with different colors and designs to create an attractive and pleasant environment for users. Various colors and designs are now available to customize the playground and make it more attractive to children and adults.

It must also be comfortable for the users, so it is manufactured with soft and comfortable materials that allow children to play for hours without discomfort or discomfort. The synthetic fibers of the playground grass are soft to the touch, making it comfortable for the users.

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