Playgrounds are places where children can have fun and learn; however, to have the best experience inside a playground, it is essential to have a variety of accessories that enhance children’s fun and skill development since these places promote fun, exercise, and learning for the little ones. In this article, we will present the main accessories for playgrounds.

Gaga Ball Pits

A Gaga Ball Pit is a play area used to play Gaga Ball, a ball game similar to dodgeball but less aggressive. The Gaga Ball Pit is a low, circular structure with plastic walls around its perimeter. Gaga Ball is popular with children and adults due to its active and fun nature.

In this game, children enter the pit and try to hit each other with a softball while avoiding being hit. Gaga ball helps children improve their reflexes, coordination, conflict management, and teamwork while having fun and enjoying a game full of laughter and speed. 

Sand Boxes

Children’s sandboxes are play areas designed specifically for children, as the name implies, to play with sand. These boxes are usually rectangular or square but can be customized according to customer requirements. They are made of sturdy material, containing clean sand so children can play safely, and are usually equipped with lids or covers to protect the sand from weather and animals.

Sandboxes are popular in playgrounds, schools, gardens, and backyards, allowing children to enjoy creative and sensory outdoor activities. Playing in sand stimulates the imagination, improves fine motor skills, promotes socialization, and provides a unique sensory experience. Sandboxes are an excellent addition to any outdoor play space as they encourage young children’s fun, creativity, and skill development.

Slide wear mat  

A slide wear mat is a “blanket” used on slides to reduce wear and tear and protect the child while sliding. These mats provide additional cushioning and protection as an added safety measure. It also facilitates sliding and regulates the slide surface temperature on hot days. 

Main accessories for playgrounds

Under swing mats

Under-swing mats are used to reduce wear on safety surfaces and maintain the level with a protective surface in the case of playgrounds that use wood chips or playground grass as a floor protector. This will allow the safety surface not to be continually refilled month after month or deteriorate as quickly due to continuous use, wear and tear, and rubbing. They are placed under or on top of your safety surface and provide time savings in maintenance and money savings by keeping the facility in good condition for longer. 

Playground Access Ramps

Ramps on playgrounds provide universal accessibility for all children, regardless of their physical abilities. Ramps allow children with disabilities (who use wheelchairs or have mobility difficulties) to quickly access different play areas in the playground. Playground ramps can also benefit younger children, accompanying adults or caregivers, and even older people by providing a safe and convenient way to access play structures without the need to climb steps or stairs.

In addition to their accessibility function, playground ramps can add diversity and creativity to playground design, offering children new ways to move around and explore the play environment in a fun and challenging way. Therefore, playground ramps serve a practical function and contribute to the inclusion, fun, and holistic development of all children enjoying the playground.


Borders in playgrounds have multiple purposes and benefits in design and functionality, among them safety as they act as boundary edges for play areas, providing a physical barrier that helps keep children within the safe boundaries of the playground. This helps prevent accidents by keeping children away from dangerous places or areas with potentially hazardous equipment.

They also serve as playground surface containment in areas where playground grass, wood chips, or other ground coverings are used; borders serve to contain and hold these materials in place, preventing them from shifting or spreading throughout the playground.

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